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A well-informed, highly skilled workforce entices companies to come to our state and create jobs for our citizens. Our training programs have helped individuals get the training and credentials they need to hit the ground running in this industry. We have also trained many of North Carolina’s collegiate instructors who, in turn, offer local training programs that are affordable and accessible to others in their communities.


We offer online and in-person workshops and programs that range from short, certificate classes to our in-depth Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series. These programs cover the technical and financial side of clean energy. We also work with educational institutions and companies directly to create training programs that are specific to their needs and schedules.

The Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series gives the participant a depth and breadth of knowledge needed to be successful in this industry. Earn 120 contact hours, or three 40-hour certificate courses to complete this non-degree program. Continuing education credits for different professionals are available. Learn more here.


Sometimes you just need a top-up. These one to three day workshops provide the knowledge you need to be better equipped with the job at hand. Continuing education credits are available.

Learn more about the short courses on PV code, financing and sales, troubleshooting, operations and maintenance and other topics here.

A package allows you to plan your professional development options while saving you 20% off individual registrations. Packages provide depth in understanding the technology, or the breadth needed to be successful in business. Learn more about these packages here.


Many of the courses we offer can be taken online. This provides you the maximum flexibility to complete our courses. Currently, these are the following workshops that are offered online. Learn more here.



Why reinvent the wheel? The Center can provide your institution with a Photovoltaic curriculum that you can teach at your school. This curriculum was designed to the NABCEP Learning Objectives for those wanting to obtain their NABCEP Associate status.  Learn more here.

Need a specialized training program for your workplace? Our training team can develop a program tailored to the needs of your company, either through an online portal or live instruction. From readings to quizzes, we ensure that our content will efficiently and effectively train your staff. Learn more here.

Don’t have a training roof? No problem! Bring our mobile PV training unit to your campus. The Mobile PV Training Trailer has a grid-tied and battery-based system integrated within the trailer. The mock roof is mounted onto a 23′ double axel trailer that can be pulled by a 2.5 ton diesel truck. It is about 20′ in length, 8′ wide and 2.10′ in height. Electrical components are mounted on the back of the roof during training. All components are stored under the roof. Learn more here.


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Members of the community can get involved in the clean transportation conversation via our Fuel What Matters campaign. Visit FuelWhatMatters.org to learn more. NCSU students can get involved through our semester long internship program. Future events for North Carolinians to get behind the wheel of clean transportation vehicles will start at the beginning of 2017. Aside from the events mentioned above, there will be other events coming soon. Be sure to watch this space as new events will be added regularly.

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